The bunion deformity is a common foot problem afflicting about 25% of adult females worldwide. There is no effective non-surgical treatment yet. It is mostly managed by wearing accommodative footwear like oversized running shoes. However, it is a progressive condition, and many may become severe enough to impair biomechanics of the foot and require surgical correction to restore its normal walking function.


Walking is an essential daily living activity and a basic exercise, especially as one ages. Severe bunion deformities can compromise this critical foot function. When surgical correction becomes necessary, it has been the choice between bone-cutting or joint-fusion methods. However, there is now a proven soft-tissue technique that can eliminate pain, restore foot function, and prevent recurrences. This Foundation has been created to promote and offer qualified patients of this cutting-edge bone and joint-sparing surgery, the syndesmosis procedure.


  • To help better understand the bunion condition
  • To help restore the joy of walking
  • To help develop evidence-based bunion surgeries


  • We strive for funding efficiency.
  • We aspire to self-sufficiency.

About Us

Principal founder:

Dr. Daniel Wu has been a bunion surgeon and advocate of “no-bone-breaking no-joint-fusion” surgery for over 30 years.


Dr. Chan Chi Keung is an anesthesiologist well known for his knowledgeable management of challenging anesthetic cases and generous charity work.

  • Managed by volunteer invitees
  • Performed by charitable doctors
  • Sustained by donors, patients, and pro bono services
Beneficiary decisions

1. Eligibility

Permanent residents of Hong Kong, Macau and China

2. Application evaluation
  • Bunion severity
  • Treatment objective
  • Medical contraindications
  • Financial need
3. Funding decision
  • Full aid for Social Security Assistance Schemes recipients
  • Partial for others still require financial aid


Yes, We Can!
Help restore an active and quality life.

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